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Pagos Spreadsheet Component

Pagos Spreadsheet Component allows software developers to create web and desktop applications that can read, execute, and create Excel spreadsheets without requring Microsoft Excel.


With Pagos Spreadsheet Component spreadsheet-based tools and models can be turned into enterprise-level applications. They can be connected seamlessly to other enterprise applications, or new applications can be created around them. Pagos Spreadsheet Component allows fast and reliable server-side usage of Excel spreadsheets with multiple user access.


Typical applications, which use and benefit from Pagos Spreadsheet Component, include web-based rating and quoting applications, automated underwriting solutions, plan/benefit configuration tools, risk assessment applications, trading software, budgeting applications and consolidated forecasting.


Superior performance

Developed in C++, PSC provides superior performance running even the most complex Excel applications. And because it is designed and developed for high speed server side use, advanced optimization techniques have been applied. Using deferred calculation and dependency maps, the component ensures maximum performance. Commonly used functions such as IF, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP are further optimized.

XML Input/Output

PSC accepts XML documents as input and returns XML documents as output. It is a preferable alternative to directly calling cells in your code to build more scalable solutions

Maintains the integrity of Excel spreadsheets

Unlike most products in the market, PSC keeps your files in Excel rather than converting them into a different format. It provides business users the control to update the calculations and logic in Excel when needed.

Excel Compatible

PSC supports 325 Excel functions, and because it is designed to handle very large and complex spreadsheet engines, every effort was made to match the results calculated by Excel. For this purpose, PSC has an internal testing facility to compare its calculated values to the ones calculated by Excel. This testing facility can be used by the end-user to test, if the Excel spreadsheet is fully compatible.


Excel Compatible Reporting Engine

It is possible to generate and edit Microsoft Excel compatible files. It allows software developers to integrate Pagos Spreadsheet Component with their web or desktop applications as a high performance reporting engine. Its API covers most Excel features.


Chart Support

Pagos Spreadsheet Component includes a high performance charting engine. It allows accessing chart sheets and charts embedded in worksheets and to save them to files. It can produce Excel-compatible image files for each chart in a workbook. Most Microsoft Excel chart types and chart properties are supported.


Available for Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris

Pagos Spreadsheet Component is now available for Windows 2000 and above as well as for Linux and Sun Solaris.

Easy Configuration and Use

PSC is a self registering component and does not require any configuration. Therefore, it is ready to use after installation and is added to the "reference dialog" of Visual Studio.NET automatically. Its simple COM, .NET, and Java API makes using PSC very easy.


You can build your application by implementing spreadsheet calculations as independent transactions using PSC. This allows for maximum scalability and flexibility for load balancing. The multithreaded architecture of the component allows it to scale by adding new processors to the system. With PSC, it is easy to scale up an application by adding new servers to the farm.



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