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Pagos Spreadsheet Services

Pagos Spreadsheet Services (PSS) provides a scalable, high performance web services platform that executes spreadsheet models on a server environment. Through its generic web service, it is possible to integrate virtually any spreadsheet model within an enterprise wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


The Challenge

A large number of calculation tools and models rely on spreadsheets. It is the preferred development environment for business units, providing them with all the tools they need to build complex calculation models.

As more and more companies streamline and automate their processes, they need to integrate those complex spreadsheet calculations with scalable web applications. Rewriting them in traditional programming languages like C# or Java is typically a time-consuming and very expensive process. Often, by the time the spreadsheet models are rewritten, business units modify their calculations leading to major long-term maintenance problems.

Pagos Spreadsheet ServicesPagos Spreadsheet Services delivers a multi-dimensional solution to this problem. It combines a technology to run models on a spreadsheet server with a web service to allow fast enterprise-wide availability of spreadsheet-based models, instant and efficient enterprise-wide updates, central management with input and output at the periphery.



  • Reduced project costs
  • Accelerated application development
  • Enhanced collaboration between business and IT units and accelerated workflow
  • Central management provides fast and efficient maintenance

Pagos Spreadsheet Services accelerates the application development cycles simply by enabling software developers to use what is already available, instead of having to rewrite complex business calculations.

Business units gain more control over the development of enterprise applications and also save much time because now they can simply hand over their spreadsheet models instead of writing detailed specification documents for software developers.

Pagos Spreadsheet Services also helps to involve business units in the application development process by having them to take the direct responsibility of developing and maintaining business logic and calculations. This significantly increases the accuracy of enterprise applications, since software developers can concentrate on their core technical responsibilities instead of trying to understand how calculations work.

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