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Design, Deploy and Manage Web Applications

The SpreadsheetWEB platform empowers ordinary Excel users to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their Excel spreadsheets. By transforming the data collection mechanism from individual file-based spreadsheets into structured databases, the system provides a higher level of governance for critical information. Combined with built-in workflow and reporting capabilities, SpreadsheetWEB offers an end-to-end platform for business users seeking to create and manage their own web application.


Design rich application in minutes with user interface, business logic, and database integration


Deploy applications for multiple platforms of desktops, tablets and mobile devices


Manage application access, security, and data through an intuitive web interface

We turn your ideas into real projects

You have an idea but not the expertise?
You built your business logic but need to share it with others securely?
You have large amount of data to analyze and visualize but don't have the resources?

We are here to help!

With Pagos' years of experience and state of the art products, you can turn your ideas into full blown web based solutions quickly and cost effectively.

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What our clients say about us

Pagos has hundreds of successful client relationships across the business, government, and non-profit sectors. We hope that they give you an idea about the types of business and organizations that we work with.

Pagos has provided design expertise that we are very confident in using. We believe we will save customers hundreds of dollars, by seeing high usage and consumption levels prior to the 30 day billing cycle. We’ll be able to identify consistent patterns that cause high energy costs. The application tool is well organized and our board has a list of additional customer service projects to undertake over the next few months. From a versatility standpoint, we can design tools by using Excel and then share those tools on the Web. From our utility perspective, that is invaluable.
Frank P. Caruso
Director of IT
Borough of Kutztown
It’s hard enough to model complex investment products and decisions. Embedding the models into a web application takes complexity to the next level. And until recently, being able to tailor your models to the unique requirements of each firm, and deploy complex mathematical changes in near-real-time, was a near impossibility. With Pagos’ SpreadsheetWEB platform, we now can address needs that nobody else can meet. It gives us – and any Pagos client – a huge market advantage.
Stuart Julian
Broker Village.
SpreadsheetWEB allowed us to create a web-based timesheet application with user management integration in a very short amount of time. Creating an application like this as a custom project from scratch would’ve taken months of development. The SpreadsheetWEB applications can export user data in the exact format we need to be able to push it into our payment system, while also allowing our managers to get their own special versions at the same time. We were also set everything up on our servers, keeping the data in-house.”
Angela Zapata
Director of Human Resources
Creative Technology

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