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Pagos Has Just Released SpreadsheetWEB 6.13 Now Featuring DocuSign, HubSpot, and Twilio Connectors

Cambridge, MA, September 30, 2019 –​ Pagos, Inc. announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 6.13, welcoming the addition of three new Connectors: DocuSign, HubSpot, and Twilio. Connecting a web application to other web services can greatly enhance the tool’s capabilities, however this also means adding this into the application code. SpreadsheetWEB’s Connectors module has been serving…

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Pagos Announces the Release of SpreadsheetWEB 6.7 Adding Google Analytics Support and Giving Users More Control on the Data Pages

Cambridge, MA, January 21, 2019 –​ Pagos, Inc. has today announced the release of the SpreadsheetWEB 6.7 now featuring application-level Google Analytics support and giving users more control over application data interactions. One of the main challenges of building web applications is database integration. SpreadsheetWEB comes with this feature built-in, saving developers time when building…

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