Reseller Program

Pagos Resellers provide domain expertise, geographic coverage, and/or vertical industry expertise to promote Pagos products to their customer base. The goal of Pagos Reseller Program is to provide resellers with effective sales and marketing support, tools, training, and support services to ensure their business success.

OEM Partner Program

Pagos OEM Partner Program is designed for independent software vendors that embed Pagos’ products as a standard part of their own targeted customer offerings. OEM Partners typically resell or sublicense Pagos products as a part of their business operations. Pagos provides OEM Partners with extensive sales and support service programs that ensure their success in designing and building of solutions integrated with Pagos products for their customers.

Affiliate Program

Pagos Affiliate Program is designed for individuals and small businesses that refer customers to Pagos. If you know an organization that can benefit from Pagos products and services, simply fill out our program form below. A representative will contact you for details. If your referral leads to a sale, you will receive your commission as a percentage of the sales amount.

System Integrator Program

Pagos System Integrator Program is designed to work strategically with partners who provide industry, domain or process specific expertise. Pagos provides partners around the world with a wealth of resources and support to meet their customer needs, grow and sustain a profitable business, and achieve long-term business goals.

Participant in this program can include both large consulting companies as well as smaller, more specialized firms that provides:

  • Business and Technical Consulting Services
  • System Integration Services
  • Installation and Implementation Support

Pagos works closely with Systems Integrator Partners to meet the unique needs of their customers and solve industries specific problems utilizing Pagos products.

Please contact us to participate or receive information about our partnership program.