Healthcare Appraisers, Inc.

With SpreadsheetWEB we can easily convert Excel based models into web-based calculators with various user controls and database features. On top of that, any time we need to revise a calculator, we simply adjust the Excel version of the model, load the new version on the web and test. SpreadsheetWEB has provided our consulting company with an IT department that is so user-friendly, anybody who can use Excel can now also turn their models into web-based applications.


HealthCare Appraisers is the nationally recognized, pre-eminent expert in healthcare valuation and consulting services. They provide a full spectrum of valuation services and fair market value (“FMV”) solutions exclusively to the healthcare and life sciences communities

Business Challenges

The problem with spreadsheet models is that HealthCare Appraisers could not share them with their clients due to the potential for misuse and a lack of database functionality to track the results of each calculation. – Real-time connectivity with back-end database servers


They began searching for alternative solutions and they discovered SpreadsheetWEB. After an initial demo with the Pagos team, they were convinced that SpreadsheetWEB was the right technology for the project.


Their initial spreadsheet was easily published as a web application through SpreadsheetWEB. Database integration and security features were all handled through SpreadsheetWEB without any programming. Their customers could access the application securely using their user accounts, enter their data into the model, view results of the model and save their data into the system.