SpreadsheetWEB Takes Municipal Services Online for the Borough of Kutztown, PA

Pagos, Inc., recently took our design model and created our first analysis of 24 hour electric readings, and our customers are pleased with what they see. This single online Web application is providing customers with information to help them manage their in-home electric usage. They can now visually see their highest usage by hour and by day for an entire month, and they can copy and paste the data into their own spreadsheets for personal tracking. Additionally, this online tool assists our customer service representatives in daily analysis. From here, our goal is to grow by adding comparatives to last year on the same day at the same time. Our next project includes water and sewer, and this application will help us with leak detection. Pagos has provided design expertise that we are very confident in using, and we believe that we will save customers hundreds of dollars by seeing high usage and consumptions prior to a 30 day billing cycle and identifying consistent patterns that cause high energy costs. The application tool is well organized and our think board has a list of additional customer service projects to undertake over the next few months. From a versatility standpoint, we can design tools by using Excel and then share those tools on the Web. From our utility perspective, that is invaluable.

Frank P. Caruso

Director of Information Technology, The Borough of Kutztown, PA



– A Pennsylvania Municipality providing a full range of services including electricity, water, sewer, internet cable, refuse etc.
– Established in 1815
– Serving 2200 homes and more than 5500 residents

Business Challenge

– To provide community with online analysis tools that

  • Help to pre-calculate bills
  • Create comparative bills with other utility companies
  • Provide details to assist customers in lowering their overall usage

– A dashboard- style spreadsheet to display the highest to lowest customer use by day and to identify customers that might have an internal problem due to excessive usage – Real-time connectivity with back-end database servers


– Pagos’ Professional Services, in detailing and improving the existing spreadsheets as well as adding new dashboards showcasing required visualizations
– SpreadsheetWEB, as the online spreadsheet publication tool meeting all business requirements
– Web enabling the spreadsheets without any programming
– Built-in database integration feature of SpreadsheetWEB allowing Kutztown to query data from their database and represent results visually online


– Took only few days for The Borough of Kutztown to fully web-enable their applications
– Provided a secure platform meeting all of the requirements with a simple user interface
– Simplicity allowed Kutztown to deploy new spreadsheet based applications on SpreadsheetWEB platform