New Server Pricing Tier is Available for Data Visualization Software Visart, Targeting Small Business Segment

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 14, 2016 – Pagos announces the release of a new server licensing tier for its self-service data visualization software, Visart, starting from a one-time licensing fee of $1,299 targeting small businesses.

The new pricing model allows small businesses to install Visart on their servers for as little as $1,299. This model allows for up to 5 user licenses and unlimited public users, meaning that they can publish their visualizations for public access without being bound by any licensing restrictions.

The Visart software is a self-service data visualization platform that empowers everyday professionals with data management tools, access controls, dashboard design, and collaboration. The collaborative, self-service nature of Visart aims to help improve operational efficiency by minimizing communication errors and reduces the need for personnel training, data storage, and scalability, saving organizations time and resources in the long run.​

Other licensing tiers are also available at reasonable prices for businesses going beyond the limitations of the starter package. Companies can simply upgrade to the next package by paying the difference. The fee structure for other licensing tiers can be found here.

The server license option can provide peace of mind to companies, keeping their sensitive data in-house as opposed to maintaining their data using cloud-based data visualization solutions, where their data would be uploaded to an external vendor’s system. Having their valuable data stored in a facility external to their premises still distress many companies, often discouraging them from cloud-based storage options. Flexible server licensing provides them with a solution.

Traditionally, many small businesses have been using Excel for data analysis and visualization needs, but many of their needs quickly outgrow Excel’s capabilities. They need more advanced capabilities without the cost of traditional data visualization software,” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO at Pagos. “We wanted to offer advanced, self-service, web-based data visualization software at affordable prices with our new pricing model. Small businesses already love Visart because of its ease-of-use and highly-capable interface. Now, we’re offering a price point that any small business can afford.