Newest Version of VisArt Introduces Powerful Analytics Capabilities and More Visualizations

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 21, 2016 – With the new 2.6 update of Visart – a cloud-based data visualization software – Pagos continues to empower businesses by making presenting, sharing, and interpreting their data much easier.

This update introduces brand new analytics capabilities and the versatile combo chart to the already-exhaustive repertoire of features that VisArt provides. Analytics is a new control panel feature that logs every user action with respect to your data. Administrative users can now access this panel and oversee every change made to the database. Combo charts offer new ways to compare different datasets, revealing trends between them on multiple axes.

“As always, we listened to our users to carve the future of our software. In light of their feedback, we decided that creating a logging mechanism for tracking user actions was much needed for overseeing their dashboards and overall user activity,” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, Inc.

By employing a very simple user interface, VisArt aims to support everyday professionals with their data management, dashboard design, and visualizations in an easy-to-use, collaborative environment. VisArt can be deployed on premise or in cloud, removing the need for coding and data expertise.

As a low-cost, powerful, self-service platform, VisArt improves operational efficiency and acts as a failsafe for communication errors. VisArt also proves that business intelligence solutions don’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket, starting their Team Edition Server tier pricing at $1,299.

VisArt helps business professionals see through their data to make sense of it. Having an incredibly simple interface while boasting a low cost, VisArt simplifies data visualization and allows everyone in your organization to get effective results on the go.