Find Out How SpreadsheetWEB was Used to Create a Web-Based Policy Quoting System

“During the research process we encountered many solutions for our challenge. However, none were targeted for the smaller insurance carriers. We began to research the conversion of our current raters to a web based format and we came upon SpreadsheetWEB from Pagos. The SpreadsheetWEB product provided a great solution to our challenge and had pricing options affordable for smaller insurance carriers. Pagos’ level of involvement from sale to implementation met our expectations and we are glad we chose to partner with them on this project.”

Luis Perez, IT Manager, North County Insurance


– A regional Property & Casualty carrier, with total premiums in excess of 8.5 million
– More than 200 representatives
– Seller of various insurance products including homeowners, farmowners, commercial and liability packages

Business Challenge

– Rating and quoting tools containing complex formulas and macros to be shared with agents without having to deal with download issues and version incompatibilities
– Cumbersome nature of sharing the updated workbook and notifying the agents with traditional desktop based spreadsheets
– Having a centralized and less error-prone platform maintaining the same calculation logic


– SpreadsheetWEB, as the online spreadsheet publication tool fulfilling the needs
– Very rapid transformation of Excel-based rating tools into web applications without further programming
– Delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional policy administration systems


– Took only few days for North County Insurance Company(NCIC) to fully implement and start testing the web-based applications
– Ease to make changes in Excel’s interface and instantaneously deploy applications online
– Excel dependency was eliminated from agents point of view, with the simple browser based interface
– NCIC’s IT staff taking over the maintenance of the SpreadsheetWEB after initial deployment facilitating additional business lines being automated with SpreadsheetWEB platform