Pagos Announces the Release of SpreadsheetWEB 6.12 with the Addition of New Connectors and Culture Configuration

Cambridge, MA, August 19, 2019 –​ Pagos, Inc. has announced the release of SpreadsheetWEB 6.12, featuring three new Connectors and the ability to set a Culture parameter for a complete localization of web applications.

The Connectors module, which was first introduced in version 6.11, has been allowing SpreadsheetWEB users to establish API connections between their web applications and third-party services. This feature can integrate payment, mail servers, and other similar services within a workflow. All users need is an account with the particular third-party service, and the necessary named ranges in the underlying workbook used in the web application. The Connectors module now welcomes the addition of two three members: SalesForce, Slack and Dropbox.

The well-known customer relationship management platform SalesForce is a tremendous help when it comes to creating and tracking leads. With SpreadsheetWEB’s new SalesForce Connector, users can now easily add leads into their SalesForce accounts straight from a web application automatically.

Some organizations depend on Slack in most of their day-to-day communications and teamwork. Using a web hook in Slack, users can now create a SpreadsheetWEB Connector that allows posting dynamic messages from a web application, directly into a Slack channel. This way, it is possible to create Slack messages in addition to email notifications.

With the addition of the Dropbox connector, any files generated in SpreadsheetWEB, such as Word, PDF, and Excel documents, can now be pushed into a Dropbox folder. This will allow for greater flexibility and collaboration between team members and help keep all files in a central location for easier access.

Localization is key to all international businesses, and that is why a system must work as intended in various regions. The distinctions between how different parts of the world use different annotations for separating numbers and running calculations are crucial in giving the end users a seamless experience. For this, SpreadsheetWEB now features a Culture configuration setting that determines how number and decimal separators are to be shown on the user interface.

“Businesses today rely heavily on services like SalesForce, Slack and Dropbox for collaboration and keeping track of tasks. These services are an important part of many workflows, and we wanted to give our users an easy way to integrate these platforms with their web applications.” says Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, and continues “Our aim is to always provide the best user experience possible to our clients. We have been focusing on localization aspects of our software recently, and wanted to take it to the next level by adding a Cultures configuration, which allows selecting how our users want the system to register numbers and separators.”.


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