Pagos Announces the Release of SpreadsheetWeb 6.20

Newton, MA, November 2, 2020 –​ Pagos, an IT consulting and development company specializing in data and web solutions, today announced the release of SpreadsheetWeb 6.20, further empowering non-developers in transforming their spreadsheet models into web applications.

SpreadsheetWeb is a NoCode platform that features web interface, database, user management, and workflow components that work in unison around the spreadsheet logic. No matter how complicated the formulas in their workbooks are, users can bring their files into SpreadsheetWeb, and build elaborate functionalities, such as printing or email notifications, with ease. Since every component, from the user interface elements to the workflow itself can be controlled with Excel formulas, users have a lot of flexibility in building custom applications.

Being in the market for over a decade, SpreadsheetWeb has been growing in the light of hands-on experience from many finance, insurance, and manufacturing companies. Likewise, the 6.20 version comes with several performance improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements to existing features – such as the ability to set a custom sort direction in chart legend.

“With this update, we focused on further enhancing the overall user experience, and we mostly introduced quality-of-life features.” says Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, and continues “Exciting changes are in the works, and while we are looking for new ways to improve our product, we are also paving the way for what is coming soon, which is a major update to the face of our software – the Control Panel.”



About Pagos

Pagos helps businesses translate their employees’ collective Microsoft Excel expertise into robust web applications, empowering them to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their Excel spreadsheets. This provides companies with a higher level of governance for critical information and – combined with built-in workflow and reporting capabilities – offers an end-to-end platform for business users seeking to create and manage their own web applications.

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