Pagos Releases SpreadsheetWEB 4.4 Rollout, Equipped with New Features to Extend Microsoft Excel Capabilities

CAMBRIDGE, MA – March 17, 2015 – Pagos announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 4.4 – a Microsoft Excel extension – that works via public or private clouds to optimize the way users collect, share and process data, without any code.

Businesses, researchers and organizations know a thing or two about collecting and processing data. From inventory to survey collection, data capture is an essential part of any entities’ overall health and strategy.

Pagos software, SpreadsheetWEB takes in-house spreadsheet processes and transforms them into collaborative, secure, Web-based applications that are also enabled for mobile. With flexible licensing options and no programming required, everyday users can deploy spreadsheets publicly or privately.

“Our clients have been using SpreadsheetWEB in various types of projects, utilizing many different features, for years. In version 4.4 we dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to improve stability and performance,” said CEO, Ugur Kadakal. “The hope is that clients continue extending their Excel projects with the high-level capabilities offered through SpreadsheetWEB software, and to build client confidence that our system can withstand strong performance and stability.”

Running as a stand-alone platform, or as the backend engine to counterpart, Visart 2.1, SpreadsheetWEB 4.4 introduces a host of new features. Some of which include:

– Support for stand-alone email functionality (Including CC and BCC)
– New custom formulas, PDF improvements
– Server setting configuration throughout the user Control Panel
– User and Group management improvement.

Kadakal anticipates this new update to be especially helpful to companies looking to automate their business, research and operational processes quickly and cost effectively. From HR to marketing, finance to sales, SpreadsheetWEB allows users to easily automate their workflow. It is a completely self-service platform that eliminates expensive and time consuming programming, by empowering business users to manage and control their everyday operations and processes.

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology and IT service provider, delivering software solutions and IT consulting services to clients. SpreadsheedWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications.

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