Pagos Releases SpreadsheetWEB 6.11 with the New Connectors Module Allowing Integration with Third-Party Services

Cambridge, MA, July 8, 2019 –​ Pagos, Inc. has just announced the release of SpreadsheetWEB 6.11 featuring a new Connectors module to connect external services like payment, notifications, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of web applications over desktop tools is their ability to connect to other services to do more, without actually needing the end user to have access to those features. Applications can communicate with each other through the use of API connections, but this can be a daunting task for those without any coding expertise.

The Connectors module introduced in this version of SpreadsheetWEB aims to make it easier for business professionals to create web applications integrated with other third-party tools. In this version, two connectors are included: Stripe and SMTP Server. With this, users can set up their Stripe accounts and collect payments through their web applications, using a drag-and-drop style interface. Furthermore, SpreadsheetWEB users can now configure where their email notifications are going to be originating from, using the SMTP server tool inside Connectors. Pagos is planning to add more tools under the Connectors module in the future.

“Today, most cloud-based software programs support APIs. This makes it possible to connect those applications to one another, and implement business workflows.” says Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, and continues “However, these type of integrations can be tricky for many users, as you would need coding expertise to make sense of, and successfully consume data from other sources. With the new Connectors module, our goal is to allow all our users easily connect their web applications with third-party tools.”.


About Pagos

Pagos helps businesses translate their employees’ collective Microsoft Excel expertise into robust web applications, empowering them to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their Excel spreadsheets. This provides companies with a higher level of governance for critical information and – combined with built-in workflow and reporting capabilities – offers an end-to-end platform for business users seeking to create and manage their own web applications.

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