Pagos SpreadsheetWEB Now Supports One of the Most Commonly Used Spreadsheet Features: Conditional Formatting

Cambridge, MA, May 23, 2017 (Newswire) –Pagos, an IT solutions and consulting company, announces today that it has released version 5.2 of its flagship product, SpreadsheetWEB. Suited to work with even the most complicated business models, SpreadsheetWEB’s newest update brings support for conditional formatting, one of the most widely used Microsoft Excel features. 

Conditional formatting is an advanced feature in Microsoft Excel that allows users to define a series of logical statements that can modify the formatting of a cell based on their evaluated values. This is a useful feature in many applications, as it can make it easier to perform complex or tedious tasks, such as finding discrepancies or duplicates in a table, comparing values side-by-side, or visualizing KPI progress.

However, when developing web applications with a similar functionality from scratch, this facet of an Excel model can add an additional layer of complexity to the already resource-heavy and time-consuming process. As a result, this version of SpreadsheetWEB was fully dedicated to seamlessly integrating the well-known conditional formatting feature. During the conversion process, the logic associated with dynamic cell formatting is derived automatically, rendering the process of implementing this type of functionality effortless.

“Our customers have been asking for conditional formatting support for a long time. It is a very powerful user interface feature in Excel, but contains a lot of underlying complexity in its implementation, said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos. “That’s why we devoted this entire release toward introducing conditional formatting support in the SpreadsheetWEB platform. We are happy to report that the 5.2 version brings this highly requested feature to the table.”  

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