8/28/2013 – Pagos SpreadsheetWEB Helped Brown Industries Create a Mobile Sales Quoting Tool in a Matter of Days

CAMBRIDGE, MA – August 28, 2013 – Software developer, Pagos Inc., has successfully implemented SpreadsheetWEB at Brown Industries – turning a simple pricing spreadsheet, into a secure, database-enabled web app without any recoding.

Brown had developed a spreadsheet tool internally, which was used to handle simple pricing estimates for their printing division. The spreadsheet was designed for quick and consistent pricing quotes for their basic printing needs. The ability to produce on-the-fly estimates made the spreadsheet a powerful tool in the hands of their inside sales and sales departments; rather than waiting for their requests to be processed by an estimating department, they were able to access the information that they required just as soon as they required it. However, several security concerns still remained – preventing them from releasing the spreadsheet to all parties that required it. They simply couldn’t risk their estimating formulas and pricing standards falling into the hands of their competition, which becomes a greater possibility the more frequently that spreadsheets are duplicated and transferred openly.

“SpreadsheetWEB solved a number of issues for us. We could maintain the security of our pricing structure. We could give our sales reps access to an instant estimating tool while in the field. They can create a custom quote in seconds, right in front of the customer, on their iPhone, and have a quote letter automatically created and forwarded to their inbox. We could lower the workload on our estimating department. We could make changes to our calculations on the fly, without involving an expensive programmer. Via SpreadsheetWEB reporting functions we could track what pricing was being created with our estimating tool, which was obviously not a possibility with a spreadsheet. These things give us a distinct advantage over our competition,” said Adam Seiz, Estimating Manager of Brown Industries. “We’ve worked on creating SpreadsheetWEB estimating applications for the sampling and display divisions of our company as well. Multi-divisional quotes typically take two to three days to complete in our industry, if not longer. We’re looking at using SpreadsheetWEB to build custom estimating systems that could take care of those quotes in minutes instead of days or weeks.”

SpreadsheetWEB allows end users to include only the necessary front-end information with their web-based models, eliminating the extraneous inclusion of intermediate calculations. This convenient and simple model runs and displays the results in real time as opposed to their offline Excel tool.

“The products and services offered by companies are getting more and more complex. As a result, their pricing structure and discount rules – combined with tax and shipping & handling rules – require custom applications. Most companies use spreadsheet software when developing their sales quoting applications due to their relative simplicity and extensive capabilities,” said Ugur Kadakal, Ph.D., CEO of Pagos. “SpreadsheetWEB turns those sales quoting spreadsheets into web-based, fully collaborative, mobile-ready, database-driven applications without any programming. This is a game changer for small to medium sized businesses.”

About Pagos, Inc:

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology and IT services provider, delivering software solutions and IT consulting services to clients in various industries. SpreadsheetWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications. Pagos is located in Cambridge, MA.

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