7/23/2013 – PACE Association Implements a Web-based Pro Forma Tool Using Pagos SpreadsheetWEB

CAMBRIDGE, MA – July 23, 2013 – Software developer Pagos Inc. has implemented SpreadsheetWEB at National PACE Association (NPA), to turn an existing Excel based pro forma tool into a secure database enabled web application without any development efforts.

Community service provider National PACE Association (NPA) was looking for methods to make a pro forma built in Excel tool easily accessible by prospective clients of PACE. PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) serves individuals who are aged 55 or older by coordinating preventive, primary, acute, and long-term care needs.

“To attract new members, our association has developed a business planning tool in Excel. It is hard to run Excel on the web owing to the threat of viruses, and users downloading incompatible versions. In many cases, this would be the first time a prospective member would experience working with us. We wanted something that worked simply, reliably, and seamlessly. Pagos took our Excel application and turned it into a web application that achieved all of our goals,” said Robert Greenwood, Vice President, Public Affairs at National PACE Association.

SpreadsheetWEB allows end users to input only necessary information in the web based model, obliterating the need of dealing with intermediate calculations. This convenient and simple model runs and displays the results in real time as opposed to their offline excel tool.

“Developing web-based applications for smaller organizations is very expensive and time-consuming. Maintaining those applications is even more expensive” said Ugur Kadakal, Ph.D., CEO of Pagos. “I am happy to see an organization like NPA use our SpreadsheetWEB platform to transform their application development process and achieve significant cost and time savings.”

About Pagos, Inc:

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology and IT services provider, delivering software solutions and IT consulting services to clients in various industries. SpreadsheetWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications. Pagos is located in Cambridge, MA.

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