How SpreadsheetWEB helps Reinsurance Management Associates to Develop Web Based Insurance Quoting Software without any Programming

We use to develop spreadsheets as internal tools to verify premium calculations from the field. We then expanded the use of such spreadsheets for a select group of clients who also wanted it for internal use. After a while, the word spread that we had such a tool, and then everybody wanted it for production use. Prior to the adoption of the Pagos platform, we would have to send updated versions of the spreadsheets to all of our clients, every time we needed to make a change. It became very cumbersome, and we had no control over which version people were using. The Pagos tool removes all of that headache, and now we have full control over the users, the version they are using, and we can implement new versions without them even knowing. It’s a superb tool.

Ed Yeung

Director, Reinsurance Management Associates (RMA), Inc.



– Underwriting, administering insurance, reinsurance and retrocession business for over a decade
– Strong relationships with a selected group of committed, high-quality risk takers all of which have

  • Excellent Financial Resources
  • A Superior Capital
  • Surplus Position
  • Exceptional Industry Ratings

Business Challenge

– Limited version control of insurance premium calculating spreadsheets
– Need for a powerful tool to easily share spreadsheets
– Effective version control of spreadsheets distributed to end users
– Maintain calculation logic in Excel


– SpreadsheetWEB, web-enabled RMA’s Quoting Application with the same look and feel
– Disseminating spreadsheets was eliminated and simply URLs of the applications were shared
– Completely transparent and easy application update process
– Added capability of user management by authentication and access right setting for end users
– Eliminated error prone, unreliable and tedious version control for RMA


– RMA was able to generate new applications and update existing ones in a matter of hours
– New web-based system reduced the costs associated with managing the insurance quoting processes significantly
– Eliminating the need for IT resources with the easy and powerful user interface of SpreadsheetWEB