Pagos Consulting Services

Pagos consultants are highly skilled professionals focused on helping you maximize the value from your Pagos investment. We provide you with the tools, expertise and experience to help your business grow, reduce your overall costs, and simplify your IT environment. When working with our experts, you will benefit from a collective experience of the entire team working on similar projects in the past and have access to an internal knowledge base.


Custom Development

Our consultants can help you anywhere from improving the performance of your complex spreadsheet models to building a complete custom application. With extensive experience in developing custom solutions, we are available to create high-quality, individualized solutions that meet your unique needs, quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively. Therefore, you can focus your valuable resources on seizing new market opportunities and respond to new business challenges.



Professionals are ready to help you with installing and configuring Pagos solutions within your unique IT environment, and enable seamless connectivity to other systems and processes throughout the enterprise. Our integration services will help you to realize faster returns on your technology investments.



Our advisors helped numerous customers to migrate their existing applications and processes to scalable, web-based environments. Benefit from this collective experience to migrate your own application to latest technological platforms to help you scale your business resources to seize new market opportunities.



Reduce your IT expenses by having your Pagos solutions hosted at our high-performance data center. Pagos hosting services offer long-term operation of your Pagos solutions providing the infrastructure, developing the system, and installing all Pagos components. We also work with you to establish your performance requirements for the overall system. This enables you to ensure high availability of your systems, reduce your infrastructure investments, cut training costs, and focus on your core business.


Contact us at (860) 674-9100 for more information about our consulting services.