Data Analysis

Businesses of all sizes are faced with the demand to collect vast amounts of data, both, internally and externally. Turning data into meaningful business metrics enables these companies to make accurate business decisions and gain competitive advantages.

However, most companies expend tremendous resources to gain the ability to make sense of this data. The majority of these resources are dedicated to finding and maintaining the correct analytical tools. Common trends show that spreadsheets have been the most conventional tool utilized in the analysis of such data. No interface, aside from the spreadsheet, has been as flexible and capable of presenting dynamic forms of data.

As the amount of necessary data collection steadily increases across the board, the usage of spreadsheets becomes more and more crucial. For most businesses, there is also an apparent need to integrate these spreadsheets with other applications used within the organization.


Pagos’ technological solutions provide a versatile and cost-effective platform that enables the integration of spreadsheets with enterprise applications.