Spreadsheets-as-a-Backend – Part 1: A Business Case

I recently published an article on LinkedIn entitled “Spreadsheets-as-a-Backend – Part 1: A Business Case“. This is the first of a series of articles on using spreadsheets in the backend of web or mobile applications. Here is a summary from this article:

“The term Spreadsheets-as-a-Backend (SaaB) – not to be confused with the Swedish automotive company – is fairly new. In short, it defines the use of spreadsheets as backend processing platforms for web, desktop, or mobile applications. While the term may be new, the concept is almost as old as spreadsheet software itself. As business users realized that they could utilize spreadsheet software to bypass the otherwise strenuous cycle of traditional application development, they began building these spreadsheet-based tools with the express intent of sharing and re-using them in a collaborative fashion. These applications often include financial models, data collections tools, reports and various other forms and calculators.”

“SaaB is not a new concept, but it is much easier to implement than ever before thanks to service-based development and a surge of SaaB technologies in the market. More widespread adoption of the practice will come alongside a shift in the industry’s attitude towards its acceptance and recognition as a solid alternative to traditional custom development or the licensing of specific software solutions. ”

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