The New Version of Visart Comes With More Personalized Dashboards and a Performance Boost

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 13, 2017 – Pagos’ cloud-based data visualization software Visart gives users more customization options and cuts down load times in complex dashboards with version 2.7

With its latest update, Visart introduces more customization options for the dashboard canvas and improves page loading properties. Dashboard tabs can now use any type of image as a background and users can upload their images into the system and select from a variety of patterns and layout options to decorate each tab.

In addition to other changes, this version also introduces tab-based loading. Visart allows users to organize their dashboards by utilizing several pages, or ‘tabs’, to separate cohesive sets of data visualizations. Through tab-based loading, dashboard elements will only load when the users transition into those tabs. This feature essentially divides the load times into smaller chunks and allows complicated dashboards to load much faster.

“Our new rendering algorithm will improve page loading times in dashboards with many visualizations,” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, Inc. “This will help our customers build their complex dashboards without sacrificing performance.”

Visart is a self-service data visualization platform that empowers everyday professionals with data and user management, dashboard design, and collaboration. Businesses can deploy these tools on the cloud or keep their data in-house with a local server license.

Thanks to its wide selection of visualizations, Visart is one of the most versatile data analysis platforms available. It requires no coding expertise and comes with a minimal learning curve while boasting a low price point.