Actuaries Utilize SpreadsheetWEB to Develop Web-Based Modeling Tool for Insurance Advisors and Brokers to Analyze Employers’ Costs under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

We recognized the opportunity of providing the insurance advisory community with helpful tools necessary to add value to their employer clients. Pagos provided us the technology and business support solution that “checked all the boxes” of providing our spreadsheet based consulting applications to a much broader marketplace in a manner that made sense for our clients and customers.

Brian Blalock

Verisight Managing Director and Health Actuary



– Retirement, actuarial services, compensation and employee benefits consulting
– Best client-centric service provider of 401(k) since 1985

Business Challenge

– New regulations dictating a new set of benefit models
– Frequently model updates due to changes in government regulations
– Proprietary financial model
– Need to track user activities for billing


– SpreadsheetWEB, turning the Spreadsheets in to Web Based Applications
– Same user interface as in current spreadsheet models
– Back-end database connection enabling storage and management of user scenarios
– Very easy to deploy changes in the spreadsheet both in user interface and in calculation logic
– Financial algorithms and data are hidden form the end user


– Eliminating the need for IT resources by maintaining the system on the cloud
– Quick initial deployment and going-live period compared to any other alternatives
– Easy to update and deploy model changes (a few hours)
– Scalable to handle large number of concurrent users