Visart’s Latest Version Gives Users More Options for Making Sense of Their Data

Pagos announces the release of  Visart 2.5 – a cloud-based data visualization software – to offer businesses a powerful, yet easy-to-use and low cost tool for sharing data and providing insight. 

In this latest version, Visart had the most extensive overhaul in customization options of visualizations. “We polished every visualization, one by one.” said Kadakal. “The real challenge was adding all these new features, while preserving the simplicity of our user interface.”

Visart is a collaborative data visualization tool with a very easy learning curve. Everyday professionals can utilize this software to run data management, visualization or communication operations, without getting into any coding. While it can readily handle most tasks of an IT department, Visart’s simple interface cuts the need for scalability and personnel; thus saving businesses money and time.

Patterns in numbers often elude the eye. Turning data into legible pictures can be the difference between a good or bad decision. Visart has powerful visualizations to transform any type of data into ABC.

“We designed Visart to be a collaborative data visualization platform for small to medium size businesses and it successfully combines simplicity with exceptional visualizations. With this new update, we aim to support our users with even more options to create the dashboards they like.” Kadakal explained.

Removing compatibility issues, while providing a secure work environment – be it cloud-based or on premises – Visart simplifies data visualization. A lower price range and requiring no training render it a great choice for drilling into data.

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