What’s New in Visart 2.3

Reposted from Visart.io.

We are happy to have released version 2.3 just recently. We added many new and exiting features. We also improved some of the existing features and fixed many bugs. Let me walk you through some of those new features I really like.

We added a new diagram type called Circle Packing. This is a great way of visualizing hierarchical data. It represent each data as a circle with radius being its value (or aggregate value). You can zoom in and out to different levels in the hierarchy. For example, image below is a circle packing visualization of number of annual visitors to most popular museums worldwide. Top level in circles represent countries. The largest top level circle is United Kingdom. If you click on that circle, it will zoom into the next level of cities. It shows that most visitors go to museums in London. Lowest level (white colored) circles are the individual museums and their annual visitors.


Another new visualization¬†we added is Bullet diagram. It is typically used to compare data against other measures like a specific target value or ranges of markers. You can use it to compare things like sales figures of each unit against sales targets among others. Example below just does that. It compares each sales person’s sales numbers against their targets for the previous quarter.


These are two of the new features we released in this version. Simply login to your Visart account or signup for a new account and start enjoying these new features.