Manage and Control Your Business Logic

Pagos develops software solutions and provides IT consulting services to clients in various industries. Our solutions empower companies to manage and control their business logic.

Our technology enables business and IT units to focus on their core business roles to drive innovation. Our products are flexible to meet changing business needs and schedules.


Company Profile


Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensible, reliable, high quality but simple solutions within time and budget constraints.


Our vision is to be among the market leader in providing solutions to clients achieved by creating superior, simple, clean and user-friendly programs and interfaces to

  • Reduce the workflow process and improve productivity
  • Provide the flexibility to build and modify business logic without involvement of the IT departments hence enable businesses to move faster in a highly competitive market.
  • Automate complex business processes faster and cost effectively

Core Values

  • Customer focus – We are the customers first choice
  • Performance – We deliver high end solutions
  • Commitment – We fulfill the vision and goals of our customers
  • Excellence – Our solutions delivered are high end products delivered by a brilliant workforce
  • Innovation – We think broadly and long-term
  • Responsibility – We comply with principles of sustainable development
  • Emphasis on people – Our employees are proud to work with us
  • Focus on future – We take the first step